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Peruvian woman to lead local WAVES chapter

New site manager Irene Periche, Nico & Sonia © WAVES



Humanitarian Updates

WAVES NPO appoints local woman as site manager

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 July, 2014 - Portland, OR — WAVES for Development (WAVES) announced the appointment of Roxana Irene Anton Periche as Site Manager of WAVES Peru, effective since March.

The hire is a key milestone in the sustainability of the location’s Community Outreach, Environmental Health, and Entrepreneurship Empowerment programs. It also presents opportunities for program expansion.

As the highest-ranking staff member of WAVES Peru, Mrs. Periche will lead the organization’s Lobitos program. Mrs. Periche attended school in Lobitos, Talara, and Lima, and previously worked in the local government. She has worked closely with the organization for the past four years.

“With WAVES Peru becoming more independent and applying sound community development principals in a participatory manner, the locals are truly managing and shaping the future of its programs. I couldn’t be more pleased, and am excited to explore new possibilities and expand on partnerships around the world” says Dave Aabo, Executive Director of WAVES for Development International.

“It’s a great challenge that I’ve undertaken with the support of the entire team. I feel it is a position of great responsibility because the development of the organization, my town and me, as an individual, depends on it. At the same time, I feel content and at peace because I know that when we work together with love and transparency, we will be accepted by those around us leading to the success of our projects, objectives and goals. I am happy to work in an organization like WAVES for Development with people from all over of the world, of which I am always learning many things. Thanks for all the support, and for trusting in me.” says Irene Periche, WAVES Peru Site Manager in Lobitos. 

Since 2008, WAVES for Development has been actively developing programs in Lobitos, Peru.  WAVES for Development International has recruited and selected volunteers, while serving as its primary grantor of funding.

WAVES for Development Switzerland has connected the program with European supporters, including Wall Street English and FEDEVACO to provide further support. Both WAVES International and WAVES Switzerland will continue in these support roles.

WAVES was created to link passion with purpose, to bridge the educational and economic gap between visiting surfers and members of rural coastal communities. Staff and volunteers have enriched the lives over 300 people through Community Outreach, Environmental Health, and Entrepreneurship Empowerment programs. 

WAVES inspires world travel and cultural exchange through surf experiences, while collaboratively building educational programs that empower local youth, travelers and communities.



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