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Portugal's Nuno Matta launches Mattashapes Surfboards

Nuno Matta © Matreno Photo



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Mattashapes launches 11 new models

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 July, 2015 - After working these last few years on other projects, Nuno Matta has come back with his own brand, MATTAshapes Surfboards.  

Nuno Matta was one of the best Portuguese competitors of the 90s, challenging National titles, and making several top 16 finishes in the EPSA European circuit. Nuno was also the only European who rode his own self-shaped boards.

With all his love, dedication - and most of all the understanding of the relationship between surfer, board and wave - it’s no surprise that his career as a shaper has taken off.

He’s had the privilege and the opportunity to work exclusively with masters in this art: Ricardo Martins, Joca Secco, Xanadu, Jon Pyzell, Bill Johnson, and Tim Patterson. Today Nuno Matta shows a great ability to shape and design a wide-range of boards. 

New models have been launched and tested by the team, who include former WCTer Travis Logie, Eneko Acero, Yael Pena and Diego Suarez, as well as France’s Justin Becret, Sam Piter and Len´s Arancibia and from Holland Yannick De Jager.

With 11  models, for all types of conditions MATTAshapes offers 11 new models and has just added an online volume calculator to help you choose the best board 



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