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Purists are mourning change at Tazzies Shipstern Bluff


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Purists Are Mourning Sea Change at Tazzies Shipstern Bluff

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 July, 2006 : - - For diehard surfers, Shipstern Bluff is nirvana. A gnarly, ferocious wave off Tasmania's south-east coast, it is accessible only by boat or after a two-hour bushwalk. It is lionised — and dreamed of — by surfers the world over.

But for David Guiney, one of the men credited with its discovery 20 years ago, the legendary and dangerous spot is under threat — from power-ski users or, as he describes them, "new macho petrol heads".

The waves that grind in from the Southern Ocean were once known only to a small band who would paddle onto its swells of up to six metres. Now, says Guiney, 50, the site is dominated by surfers towed onto the wave by a partner on a power-ski. It has also become a venue for surfers and their sponsors.

Jonathan Jenkins, former editor of Australia's Surfing Life magazine, understands the concerns. "He does have a point," he said. "For surfers who are paddling onto waves while others are being towed on it is a bit like being the lonely kid in the playground."

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