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Quiksilver catches up with team rider Travis Logie

Shredding in Les Estagnots, France © Timo Jarvinen.



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The Mountain & The Wave interviews West Hollywood-dwelling Logie

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 March, 2014 - Quiksilver's The Mountain & The Wave crew caught up with South African surfer Travis Logie, who's been turning heads in Hollywood, but more recently on the Gold Coast after beating John John Florence in round two at the Quik Pro.

We’re pretty sure Travis Logie is the only South African surfer on the Pro Tour living in West Hollywood. What a tough cross to bear, right? We felt he needed to talk it out so last Saturday before the Quiksilver Pro kicked off, we sat down to chat about life in LA – and how stoked he is J-Bay is back on the Tour. Yep, we noticed and think John John Florence did too in round two yesterday.

QS: So how does it feel to be only surfer on the Pro Tour to be living in West Hollywood?

Yeah, living in West Hollywood is interesting. It’s definitely not great for your surfing, but I make a huge effort, train really hard and do the hour and a half drive every day to the beach in some pretty hectic traffic. I still get to travel the world so I don’t know if I’d be able to live there full-time, but it’s pretty fun.

QS: What’s your everyday life in West Hollywood when you’re not surfing?

Well, you probably go find a nice café or restaurant and just sit round and pose. I don’t even drink coffee, I just pretend to drink it. [laughs]

QS: So, something really important happened in surfing last year. Jordy Smith got married and you were the best man.

Ha! Yeah, I was a groomsman at Jordy’s wedding so it was really cool to see one of my best friends get married. I also got to go back and hang at home and see my family as well. And I got pumping waves for three weeks.

QS: What happened in Durban? I hear the bank is good.

The banks are amazing right now. It was tough to leave, I tell you – surfing six to eight hours a day in perfect rights at low tide and a perfect left bowl at high tide. Boardshorts, maximum of eight guys out on the water. Eight guys is crowded over there – it’s crazy. No one surfs, it’s weird.

QS: What are your expectations for this year?

This year is a super exciting year. J-Bay is back on which is huge. I feel like it’s because of me – I posted an Instagram every 10 days with a ‘Let’s bring J-Bay back!’ And now it’s back so I’ll take the claim for that one!



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