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Ramon Navarro: From Chile to Antarctica

Ramon Navarro © Red Bull



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Project looks for surf at the bottom of the world

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 February, 2014 - Ramon Navarro and Dan Malloy, and a huge support team backed by Red Bull and Patagonia, traveled from Navarro's home in Chile to the South Shetland Islands, according to The Huffington Post. 

They had to be patient during their two-week expedition among the chunks of ice and adorable penguins and seals as they waited for safe conditions. While the waves weren't monsterous like Navarro was wishing for, he eventually conquered at least three new waves that had never been surfed before. "We made history anyways," he added.

Navarro has made records and surfed waves that have reached six or seven feet high in Chile in the area between Algarrobo and El Quisco.

Navarro launched "Busca Gigantes," a program of mini-documentaries on that capture him taking on different swells and waves with a team of three cameramen and two photographers.



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