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Rastovich Quandary: Save dolphins or garden?

Dave Rastovich © Sanuk



Team Updates

Sanuk's Space 2 Play webisodes hangs out with Dave Rastovich

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 April, 2014 - If there is ever a perfect embodiment of what Sanuk is all about, then Dave Rastovich is the definition. Hailing from Australia, Dave Rastovich has been a team rider for Sanuk for several years. His unique style and environmental efforts display his true passion for life, connection with the earth, and his overall positive outlook on making the world a better place.

Follow along as we venture to Byron Bay to veg out on his humble homestead, share a surf (or two) and discover the true joys of gardening naked…rasta blog 2About “Space 2 Play”: A #Space2Play is anywhere that reflects the fun part of life. It’s where you find your passion, your smiles, your laughter, and your personal escape. This documentary series aims to capture these moments and provide a smile-inducing sneak peek into the lives of Sanuk’s athletes and ambassadors. If you missed the last episode, check it out here.



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