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A recent interview with Nathaniel Curran

Photo .......................Nathaniel and Taylor

The Curran brothers have been competing in the NSSA for over a decade. Oldest brother Timmy, 23 was one of the hottest up and coming young surfers in the early/mid 90’s. Back then, he was the kid that was always pulling off the new school moves, 360’s, airs, reverses, you name it. I remember watching him go for moves that were unheard of back then at this level.

Middle brother Joshua, 21 also had his share of notable NSSA results, especially in 1997 when he finished 2nd in the Open Mens ratings. Little brother Nathaniel (who is the spitting image of his oldest brother), now 16 probably owns the record for hanging around NSSA contests the longest. He’s been coming since Timmy started competing in the Menehuene division back in 1990.

Growing up with his brothers obviously has influenced Nathaniel´s surfing and style although he´s definitely the more outgoing of the three. Nathaniel, known as “SayoEto all of his friends, currently competes in the Southwest Open Mens and Gold Coast Explorer Juniors divisions. He has one National title under his belt winning the Menehuene division in 1997. And that Nationals final had some heavy talent in it with Nathaniel taking down Dustin Cuizon, Kekoa Bacalso, Tom Dosland, Eric Taylor and Michael Taras.

Since the Nationals victory, Nathaniel has taken scattered wins in Southwest and Gold Coast events but what he really wants is another National title. He is more focused on competition this season and has even brought Mike Lamm on board for coaching. He’s hoping that it will pay off going into this year’s Nationals. And I’m happy to report that it’s looking like the Curran brother legacy will be continuing.

We have baby brother Taylor, who is 5 years old and quickly becoming a regular at the NSSA Open Season contests. And we’re glad because it just wouldn’t seem right without a “CurranEsurfing in the NSSA!

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