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Red Bull puts on first team challenge at Mundaka

Red Bull puts on first team challenge at Mundaka
Pablo Solar’s © Edu Bartolomé/Red Bull Content Pool



Red Bull Rivals

Mundaka, Soain
8 November, 2014 

One pro, one freesurfer, one female, and one junior compete on a team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 November, 2014 - They promised “revenge” and they got it. The Canary Islands Team imposed themselves at the Red Bull Rivals comeback in Mundaka, but the overall win in the first edition of this competition has been for the Peninsula Team. Their huge win in El Confital back in April was been key.

The awaited final battle started at 9am, with the ProSurfers starting first. With the tide still high, the Canarian José María Cabrera found the first barrel of the day in a very well performed wave with 6.25 points. The Cantabrian Pablo Solar made use of his obvious experience to find any outstanding score but not enough to stop the Canary Islands team from starting the scoreboard. 

The FreeSurfers warmed up the environment in the second duel of the day. Indar Unanue from the Basque Country soon showed his great knowledge of the wave and was placed as the leader of the heat but the Canarian Antonio Marqués didn’t take long to shine out his huge quality and carving domain, being able to jump into the first position when the heat was about to end, obtaining the second point for the insular team.


With the Girls in the water, the tide was coming to its optimum point, ready to meet the four times European Champion, the Canarian Adelina Taylor vs. the current Spain’s Champion, Asturian Lucía Martiño. A generational duel, transformed in a battle with long and worked waves which with another Canarian victory.

After the Girls it was the turn of the Juniors. Ethan Egiguren from the Basque Country was controlling the situation, connecting backside re-entries with agility. His Canarian rival, Yeray García, did the same, putting on top of the table his amazing technique which awarded the Canary Island Team two new points.
With the Peninsulars trapped due to the visitors’ brilliant performances, the time of the battle between Captains had come. Peninsular Captain Gony Zubizarreta opened the heat with 6.75 points and a wave loaded of strong re-entries. Jonathan González soon replied, ripping off 6.5 points from the judges. An 8.6 from Gony and an 8,5 from Jonathan kept the scoreboard’s excitement which needed and amazing final demonstration by the Canarian Captain valued by the judges with 7,75 points to finish off the heat in favour of the Canary Islands Team. Despite this, Gony managed to get the 3 points for the best manoeuvre at the competition.

With everything yet to be decided, the 10 participating surfers jumped in the sea again for the teams’ battle. The rules where simple: 5 waves per surfer and 60 minutes of competiton. Yeray García was the one to get the first applauses with an amazing ride full of powerful turns preceded by a spontaneous barrel (8.5 points). But speaking about barrels, those who came out of Pablo Solar’s top hat, two in the same wave (9.5 points) which awarded home the “best barrel” bonus. The “best wave” bonus went to the Canarian Antonio Marqués’ board who also caught big points (9.90) for a barrel in a final try of trying to beat the Peninsulars. 

Canary Islands Team                                                               
Jonathan González - Captain (Tenerife)
José María Cabrera -ProSurfer (Lanzarote)
Antonio Marqués - FreeSurfer (Gran Canaria)
Adelina Taylor - Girl (Gran Canaria)
Yeray García - Junior (Lanzarote)

Península Team                                                             
Gony Zubizarreta - Captain (Galicia)
Pablo Solar -ProSurfer (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country)
Indar Unanue - FreeSurfer (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country)
Lucía Martiño - Girl (Asturias)
Ethan Egiguren - Junior (Gipuzkoa. Basque Country)

Lucia Villegas

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