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Reef brand & Jeep partner embark on Morocco tour





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Reef & Jeep team up for "Just Passing Through" in northern Africa

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 May, 2015 - Morocco - Reef and Jeep, together with some of the biggest international surfers are proud to announce the release of #JustPassingThrough Morocco Tour' launching on 16th May 2015. In search of the most fascinating and ideal surf spots in Morocco’s coastal stretch between Sufi and Taghazout, the new film is part of a series of “Just Passing Through” expeditions. Covering an exciting road trip with breath-taking setting, surfers spent their nights in a tent under the stars, and their days travelling through Morocco in three Jeep Renegades.

The adventurous and exciting trip culminated with a gathering at "Dracula,” a short distance from Taghazout and one of the most attractive spots in the world. With reference to the sharp rocks that surround it, such as the teeth of the famous Count of Transylvania, “Dracula” reinforced the surfers’ respect for their environment.


"The sharp rocks are like vampire teeth and give the impression that nature could bite down on you at any moment. This is the place where we will find the perfect waves. You have to and enter this world without fear,” confides Reef Team rider Roberto D'Amico, one of Italy’s greatest athletes.

At "Dracula" the team discovered ideal conditions to express what they do best. The perfect climate, incredible water conditions, and impressive waves, provided the ultimate surfing experience the team were in search of.

A bittersweet end to the very memorable expedition, the team gathered in Marrakesh, an opportunity to reminisce and reinforce the values of the trip. "For me, surfing is everything: passion, respect for nature and friendship. And what is friendship if not coming together and telling each other stories around the fire?” explains Roberto D’Amico.


Surfing is to go beyond, get excited and to explore ourselves, and the world around us with curiosity, and the spirit of adventure. A feeling that illustrates the Reef brand and their philosophies and is captured in the new #JustPassingThrough Morocco Tour film. 

Kate Cameron

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