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Reef film "De Passage" highlights global team




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Reef presents "De Passage" film highlighting 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 May, 2014 - Reef is proud to announce the release of “De Passage,” on June 15, 2014, a film project spanning five continents and Reef’s elite ambassadors from around the world. 

“De Passage” is a film inspired by Reef’s philosophy of “Just Passing Through,” a 20-minute short film about traveling surfers’ surreal lives on the road starring Reef Ambassadors Alana Blanchard, Mick Fanning, Luke Davis, Tia Blanco, Rob Machado, Kai Otton, Shane Dorian, Mikala Jones, Taylor Knox, Paige Maddison, and Nick Rozsa.

“De Passage” is the French translation for “Just Passing Through,” aptly for a journey that began in the French Polynesian islands of Tahiti where Machado, Blanchard, Dorian, Otton, Rozsa, Sutton, Davis, Blanco and Maddison go slipping through Pacific reef set ups. The story then sets sail for Bali, where Jones takes the film deep inside the barrel of uncharted archipelago. From there, it’s to Australia where three-time World Champ Mick Fanning puts his native breaks through the paces before a finale with Taylor Knox in South Africa’s chilly lines.

Directed by celebrated film maker, Russell Brownley (“Cancer to Capricorn,” “Gum for My Boat”) and Reef’s Global Creative Director, Mark Tesi, this film speaks to the idea of not waiting for the moments to come to you, but getting out there and going to the important moments in life.

“Reef has so many amazing ambassadors. We wanted to slow things down a bit and take a look at them and their travels with fresh eyes,” says Reef’s Creative Director, Mark Tesi, “The trips that we did for the film felt like real surf missions. There were eight of us sleeping in a room. It was more of a genuine travel experience.”

"We wanted to pay homage to some of our favorite explorers, like Jacques Cousteau, and thought ‘what better way to do that than through the eyes of some of the most dynamic and interesting group of travelers... the men and women that make up the Reef Ambassador program,” says Brownley.

“De Passage” was shot by Brownley, Nic Mclean, Chris Bryan, and Bali Strickland and edited by Brownley. Produced By Shea Perkins, Mike Matey, Tesi, and Brownley. Digital release date is June 15, with a full premiere tour to be announced shortly. 

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