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Results for Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Sandy Beach Challenge

Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Sandy Beach Challenge 

International Bodyboarding Association 
Sandy Beach, Hawaii 
8-9 August 2015

Morretino leads Pro Men's Hawaii Tour Bartels & Costa even

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 August, 2015 - Sandy Beach was the site of the second stop of the Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour. The last of the swell from Hurricane Gulliermo and a pulse from the southern hemisphere held through the week end enabling competitors to find some good consistent ramps and high scoring rides. Surf ranged from 2-5 feet for the two days. 

In the Men's division it was Jeff Hubbard pulling off stunning tricks to take the winning check. Hubbard was competing for the first time since an injury left him land locked, he was ripping in the water and still limping on the sand. "I am really happy to have come back and won my first event", said Hubbard after the event. " Bodyboarding is blossoming, especially with this tour helping young guys come up and learn to compete, and we have kids that dominate and are better than any guys in the world. Sandy beach is one of the birth places of bodyboarding, Pat Caldwell invented the El Rollo here.  I come here a lot to enjoy the vibe with everybody, good community". Guilherme Tamega was behind Hubbard by about 2 points taking a second. Kahekili Labatte was third and 4th was David Phillips. Sammy Morretino did just enough to garner the top spot in the rankings making the semi final round. 

The 2014 Jr. Champ seems to be under no self pressure but others look to him to spark up the pro tour with an infusion of young blood. Morretino is just 18 years old. Sandy's was Guilherme Tamega's first event of the series and with a 2nd place he could be a threat to the rankings. In third was Kahekili Labatte and in fourth was David Phillips.  

Current standings for the men:
Sammy Morretino 
Dave Hubbard
Kahekili Labatte
David Phillips 
Trevor Kam 
Matt Holzman 
Daniel Louis 
Wade Asato 
Jeff Hubbard 
Booboo Cazimero  
Mack Crilley 
Alan Lamphere 
Guilherme Tamega
In the Women's Pro division the battle is on with one win each. Karla Costa Taylor and Melanie Bartels are vying for the number one spot. Costa took this one and definitely
worked hard for the win in the disorganized windy conditions mid day. In third place was Summer Hillen who is holding up in the third spot in the rankings also. Hillen is a threat to take it all.

Current rankings:
Melanie Bartels & Karla Costa even
Summer Hillen
Lindsey Yasui
Traci Effinger

In the Junior division Kawika Rohr Kamai is killing it having won both events. The Waimanalo surfer is leading by a large margin. Sandy Beach is Kamai's local spot, a spot were he goes almost every day after school. He is one of the very talented young guns of bodyboarding, the future of the sport. In second was Cordon Stapp, third Tanner McDaniel and 4th Matthew Orourke.

Junior Men:
Kawika Rohr Kamai
Matthew Orourke
Cordon Stapp
Noa Auweloa
Kolu kalama
Kellen Yamasaki
Ezra Hill
Nakoa Barnes
Kainoa Lono
Ezekiele Bartels

Dave Hubbard won both events and leads the drop knee division. He is a five time world drop knee champion, a master of finding waves and a smooth stylist in the art. Cole Hansen took a second at Sandy's and Dayton Wago third, Crilley ended up in 4th.

Drop Knee Rankings 
Dave Hubbard
Cole Hansen
Mack Crilley
Joshua Trotter
Sammy Morretino
Dayton Wago
Will Petrovic
Alan Lamphere
Justin Mederios
Kawaka Rohr Kamai

Stand Up is a new discipline and so far very competitive. Riding on boards that are just about 42 inches long is difficult. Mack Crilley made it look easy and won at Sandy's. In second was Kawaka Rohr Kamai, Dave Hubbard took 3rd and Landon Gaspar was 4th.  Hubbard leads right now with a first and third with Mack Crilley right behind.

Stand Up Rankings
Dave Hubbard
Mack Crilley
Sammy Morretino
Kawaika Rohr Kamai
Landon Gaspar
Keahi Parker
Rob Keyser
Sinjin Bradley
Cole Hansen
Noa Auweloa

Sandy's enticed another master to make a charge. Unknown surfer Barrios Cordova surprised the new division with excellent wave selection and some moves to boot. Ben Severson leads the rankings with Pat Caldwell the El Rollo inventor right behind him.

Master rankings:  
Ben Severson
Pat Caldwell
Keith Sasaki
Berrios Cordova
Jimmy Hutaff
John Kamai
David Kelly
Dean Marzol


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