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Reunion Island surfer loses leg in shark attack...

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Reunion Island Surfer Attacked By Shark, Loses Leg

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 February, 2011 : - - Saint-Denis, Reunion -- A surfer has lost his leg in a shark attack off the western shore of Reunion. The attack occurred Saturday at 6 pm at Three Rocks, Saint-Gilles, in an area popular with tourists. The identity of the victim, age 32, is not known at this time. He is said to have arrived to the island with his wife on the morning of the attack.

Several surfers in the water at the time of the attack said they heard the man scream for help. The victim reportedly had his leg torn off at the knee. He was said to be conscious when he was evacuated by emergency personnel to the hospital. Tézier Remy, on site at the time attack, said that the accident victim was "unlucky."

"The water was clear, the waves were beautiful. No shark attack had ever occurred in this area before," he said.  Thirty shark attacks have been recorded on Reunion since 1972, 17 being fatal. The last attack occurred in March 2010, with the victim getting away with only scratches.

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