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Riots break out after US Open of Surfing

Portable toilet tipping © Norman Hartono

Civil Unrest

Police fire tear gas at hundreds of looting rioters

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 July, 2013 : - - Eight people were arrested after police fired tear gas at a violent and unruly mob who refused to leave downtown Huntington Beach in the aftermath of the U.S Open of Surfing on Sunday.

Fights broke out in the streets and property was looted and damaged in the 'major' disturbance - which broke out after officers were unable to get the increasingly rowdy crowd to disperse from the streets following the surfing event.

A well known LA skating clothes store had its windows smashed and was looted after the trouble began at around 7.15 p.m. and police were forced to call neighboring police forces for assistance as they fought running battles with the baying crowd.

As of Monday morning, police had confirmed eight arrests were made for failure to disperse as streets were cleared and order restored after about two hours, police add.

One witness, Russ Mundi, who attended the surfing contest, said he saw crowds tip over portable toilets and defy orders from police to leave. He said police fired what smelled like tear gas. 'I heard shots going off, and the whole crowd just started running,' he said reported the LA Times.

Another witness said that he watched as one group of men ripped a stop sign from the ground and used it to break into a bicycle store. The witness said that at least one bicycle was stolen and local residents arrived and tried to stop the rioters from looting.

Police sources said that the violence erupted after a fist fight on the beach.

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Source: Daily Mail

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