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France's famed Parlementia hosts Handi Surf competitors




Rip Curl Bask Tour 2016 

Parlementia, Guethary, France
4 - 6 May, 2016

Fleury family and Bidartar Thomas victorious at Rip Curl Bask Tour 2016 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 May, 2016 - The famous break of Parlementia hosted the 64 Longboard and SUP departments Open Championships this weekend. This year the contest included the Longboard Espoirs Departementals Cup and the first 64 Handi Surf Departementals Championships.

For its first edition, the Handi Surf contest had a special flavor. Indeed it's on the Basque Coast that the Handi Surf organization came to light during December 2012. A dozen competitors came forward to take part in the event. In the AS1 category,  Stand up and on knees, Julien Gomez from Taiba Surf Club took the advantage on Benoit Moreau from Anglet.

In AS2 Maxime Cabane made it with less than one point more than Fred Biscayar. For AS6 (deficient vision), Gwendal Halna du Fretay from Bayonne beat the young Thomas Dasilva from Biarritz. In the partially deaf category, Pierre Olivier Coutant won the title of that new section.

Fleury in Longboard Open

A family story in longboard open category , with Emilien and Elise Fleury whose both belong to the Handaye Bidassoa Surf club won the Txapeldun 2016. Elise with 16.53 took the lead upon Marie Chauché and Maiana Salles loncan. with 19,53 of total score, her brother, didn't let any chance to Xabi Lafitte and Thomas Lafonta.

Surprise in SUP Open

Everybody thought that specialist of the discipline Pierre Roller and Clement Roseyro would be the potential winner but the polyvalent Bidartar Thomas claimed the Sup Open.
A very thigh victory with less than one of difference due to a better wave choice and more appropriate flow in small day conditions.

Roseyro in Espoir Longboard

Clément Roseyro took the advantage on his opponent with some oldschool turn combo and noses. Putting combo all his opponents of the first heat and having 4 point of difference during the final, he was just to strong for Julien Marticrena.

Longboard Espoirs

1er Clément Roseyro (ASC)
2nd Julen Marticorena (BASCS)
3ème Pierre Antoine Robin (CdBSC)
4ème Cornelius Accoh (BASCS)

Longboard Ondines Open

1ère Elise Fleury (HBSC)
2nde Marie Chauche (BASCS)
3ème Maiana Salles Loncan (BKO)
4ème Carole Lormant (Taiba)

Longboard Open

1er Emilien Fleury (HBSC)
2nd Xabi Lafitte (BKO)
3ème Thomas Lafonta (BKO)
4ème Julen Marticorena (BASCS)

Handi Surf
AS1 (Stand up)
1er Julien Gomez (taiba)
2nd Benoit Moreau (ASC)

AS2 ( On knees)
1er Maxime Cabane (ABS)
2nd Fred Biscayar (ABS)

AS6 (Deficient vision)
1er Gwendal Halna du Fretay (ABS)
2nd Thomas da Silva (BASCS)

Partialy Deaf:
1er Pierre Olivier Coutant (ABS)

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