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Rusty Preisendorfer Surfing's 'Shaper of the Year 2008'



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Surfing Magazine has honoured board shaper Rusty Preisendorfer as the ‘shaper of the year’

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 November, 2007 : - - With almost four decades of board building experience, thousands of surfboards, and a lifelong dedication to craftsmanship, Rusty fits the bill nicely.  While the passion and excitement remains the same Rusty says:

“The feeling you get from a new board…a better board that’s the one thing that’s stayed the same - and the thing that I’m enjoying now more than ever – is just the pursuit of passion and how much I have at my fingertips now in terms of resources, that’s what makes it such an amazing time”.

Rusty’s board shaping partnerships stream from Aerial innovators like Josh Kerr and Jamie O’Brien, to tube gurus like Kalani Chapman.  There is no question that good shaper/teamrider relationships are important and the success and consistency of Rusty’s shaping has earned him the respect he deserves.

The January 08 Issue of Surfing Magazine showcases a 10 page article with Rusty himself covering the evolution of Surfboard design, where it’s been, where it’s headed and what to look for in the coming years.

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