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Ryan Hipwood goes mad at Shipstern's Bluff



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Milwaukee's Latest Edit- Irregular Occurrence (Featuring Ryan Hipwood)

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 March, 2016 - Iconic big wave surfing legend Ryan “Hippo” Hipwood has travelled from some of Australia’s coldest and most remote breaks, to chasing a crazy El Niño winter in Hawaii pursuing Mother Nature’s biggest swells. Risking everything to paddle into some of the craziest and most dangerous waves on this planet. Why? To capture the moment.

Featuring in Milwaukee’s latest edit, “Irregular Occurrence”, Hippo maintains accomplished respect as a big wave charger. Ryan is a global traveller who continues his quest for the biggest and most fulfilling big wave experience which is an endless ambition for an individual who always strives to go one better. Hippo garnered global notoriety for his 2009 decent of the staircase at Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania which received the runner-up in the prestigious Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards.

This accomplished ride – which almost claimed his life – defined his tenacity and declared him as a freestyle surfer to watch. When not in the water he scours the weather forecasts for an indication of forecasts that could give rise to the elusive conditions necessary for those waves of intensity worthy of the challenge.

Chasing the dreams with a young family at home, “The risks aren’t ignored, more so calculated very much taking into account the ‘risk versus reward’ mindset” mentions Hipwood. 





Film credits

-          Directed by                  The Dreamers / AllanHardy.TV

-          Camera / Edit               Allan Hardy

-          Drone / Movie              Tom Waugh & Chris Fox

-          Colour                         Joe Lancaster

-          Intro Music Score         Oliver Lyu

-          Design                         Max Duff

-          Animation                    Marc Purnell

-          Additional Footage      Chris Bryan / Jace Panebianco / Talon Clemow / Lachlan McKinnon / Damien Robertson / Mark Matthews / Tom Jennings / Tim Bonython / Nimai Strickland / Erik Knutson / Eric Sterman

-          Special thanks              Pauletta Charters / Ignite Digi

-          Sound track                 “Used to” performed by Mutemath

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