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Salt Creek turns on for Surfing America Prime event

Jett Schilling © Jack McDaninel





Surfing America Prime Salt Creek
Presented by Got Milk?

Surfing America
Salt Creek Beach Park, Dana Point, California
13 - 14 December 2014

Jett Schilling, Bethany Zelasko, Tia Blanco, Griffin Colapinto shine

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 December, 2014 - The Surfing America Prime Series scored again as a major southern California storm finished blowing through Salt Creek around 4:30 AM and competitors were greeted with offshore wind groomed 5 to 7 foot peaks. 

The best U18 surfers in the west wasted no time dismantling the consistent peaks.  On Saturday the Boys Under 18 and Boys Under 16 division battled it out until sundown leaving the finals for Sunday morning.  San Clemente’s Griffin Colapinto dazzled the judges with a super technical back door barrel, threading the needle on a set wave, followed by a gouging finish on the closeout section in the semi finals.  For his efforts the judges threw down unanimous 10 point scores

In Boys U16, Ryland Rubens seemed to be on every set wave with combinations of barrels, big hacks, airs and tail wafts.  Both went on to take the finals on Sunday.

Meah Collins © Jack McDaniel


Saturday the Boys Under 14 hit the water.  San Clemente’s Jett Schilling had The Point dialed all day, but peaked in the final with a late airdrop on a bomb left followed by a late float hit and two more huge vertical hits on the inside section for a 10 point score.  If the scale went to 11 he probably would have gotten one.  

Bethany Zelasko from Dana Point has been progressing with every event and this time she put it all together and took her first Prime Series win on her home court.  Double finalist Meah Collins was absolutely ripping all day but couldn’t find the scores in her finals and ended up 3rd in Girls U16 and 2nd in Girls U18.  Tia Blanco was super active in the final taking her second win of the season.

Next up is Steamer Lane Santa Cruz, January 10 & 11.

Under 18 Division: Tia Blanco, Meah Collins, Malia Osterkamp & Malia Ward  © Jack McDaniels


Boys U14
1st – Jett Schilling – 16.37 - San Clemente 
2nd – Griffin Foy – 14.74 – Huntington Beach
3rd – Crosby Colapinto – 13.84 – San Clemente
4th – Hagan Johnson – 10.83 – San Clemente

Girls U16
1st – Bethany Zelasko – 9.03 – Dana Point
2nd – Alyssa Spencer – 7.97 - Carlsbad
3rd – Meah Collins – 6.10 – Costa Mesa
4th – Alexxa Elseewi – 3.16 – San Clemente

Boys U16
1st – Ryland Rubens – 15.66 – Pacific Beach
2nd – Eithan Osborne – 8.06 – Ventura
3rd – Braden Jones – 7.23 – Arroyo Grande
4th – Josiah Amico – 3.40 – Ventura

Girls U18
1st - Tia Blanco – 11.27
2nd – Meah Collins – 8.30 – Costa Mesa
3rd – Malia Osterkamp – 6.53 – San Clemente
4th – Malia Ward – 4.70 – San Clemente

Boys U18
1st – Griffin Colapinto – 12.23 – San Clemente
2nd – Nolan Rapoza – 11.83 – Long Beach
3rd – Nathan Young – 9.77 – Fountain Valley
4th – Ben Coffey – 8.50 – Santa Cruz

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