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Santa Cruz crowns the Jay Race champs

Jimmy Spithill, Matt Becker & Jarko Simonen © Surftech/Nikki Brooks, Jay Moriarity, Kim Moriarity, Surftech, Santa Cruz, SUP, Paddlerace
Jimmy Spithill, Matt Becker & Jarko Simonen © Surftech/Nikki Brooks




Surftech Jay Race

Santa Cruz, California
21 - 22 June 2014

McKinnon, Graves, Becker and Hoesterey Victorious 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 June, 2014 - Santa Cruz - Of the nearly 400 competitors who took part in last weekend's Surftech Jay Race, most had more than just the finish line in mind. While competitors at races around the world focus on getting themselves on the winner's podium, the Jay Race has a focus much like that of its namesake. "Live Like Jay" was written on the event t-shirts, race jerseys, bracelets and posters.

Kim Moriarity sums up the saying's meaning: "To live from your heart, follow your passions and dreams, and live with a conscious positive energy that inspires others to want to be better people."  

The 'Live Like Jay' vibe was not only present on the beach, it was prevalent on the race course.

If you ask anyone who has competed in the Jay Race over the past decade, they will tell you that no one embodies the humble, friendly attitude that Jay Moriarity was known for more than 2014 Jay Race Prone Paddleboard Over-all Champion, Aaron McKinnon (Capitola, CA). McKinnon first competed in the Jay Race short course in 2003 and since then has dreamed of someday standing atop the Jay Race podium. Aaron's dream was fulfilled 1:49:01 after the start gun sounded on Saturday. 

"My plan was to be the first one to the Surftech buoy (first turn buoy) and then settle into a comfortable pace after that," commented McKinnon. Aaron was first to the Surftech buoy and never looked back until he crossed the finish line well ahead of the rest of the field.

On the SUP side of things it was quite a different scenario. Matt Becker (Santa Barbara, CA) was the defending SUP Division champion and was the favorite going into Saturday's race. Challengers such as America's Cup champion, Jimmy Spithill (San Francisco, CA) and Portland's, Jarkko Simonen knew they had their work cut out for them if they were to dethrone the reigning champ. Becker, on his new 2015 Bark "D2" race board was confident in his preparation and his new board.

"I've really been focused on my training this year, more so than ever before," explained Becker. "Joe (Bark) and I have been refining my boards in the off-season and my new 14' D2 is by far the fastest board I've ever paddled! It felt amazing throughout the entire race!"
Becker crossed the finish line with a time of 1:54:15 and a new 14' SUP Class course record! Becker's time was two minutes ahead of Simonen and just over five minutes in front of Spithill. 

The women's prone class was small but extremely competitive. 2010 Womens prone winner Maya Sprinsock (Santa Cruz, CA), Ocean of Hope's Aimee Spector and notable big wave surfer, Savannah Shaughnessey (Scotts Valley, CA) all were on hand to contest for the women's prone title. However it was Jay Race rookie and 2013 Catalina Classic Womens champion, Carter Graves taking the Womens Prone title with a time of 2:11:04, almost 10 minutes ahead of second place finisher Shaughnessey. 

The week before the Jay Race, Morgan Hoesterey was up in Canada where she stand up paddled just under 100 miles in three days from Vancouver to Victoria, BC. Needless to say, Hoesterey was more than ready to take on the nearly 12 mile Long Course on Saturday. Finishing with a time of 2:08:38, Morgan finished just over eight minutes ahead of Jen Fuller (Sausalito, CA) in the Women's 12'6" SUP Division.  

Prone Junior Women 
1. Abbey Brown (Santa Barbara, CA) 2:31:49 
2. Selah Bartlett (Santa Cruz, CA) 2:35:38 
3. Leahi Johsens (Santa Cruz, CA) 2:50:21

Prone Junior Men 
1. Ben Brewer (Santa Barbara, CA) 2:11:41 
2. Kai Evans (Soquel, CA) 3:01:18 
3. Kauwila Johsens (Santa Cruz, CA) 3:10:01

Prone Women 
1. Carter Graves (Coronado, CA) 2:11:04 
2. Savannah Shaughnessey (Scotts Valley, CA) 2:20:51 
3. Aimee Spector (Redondo Beach, CA) 2:21:54

Prone Men Stock 
1. Jack Bark (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) 2:02:18 
2. Shane Scoggins (Monterey, CA) 2:05:58 
3. Steve Shlens (Santa Barbara, CA) 2:07:39

Prone Men Fourteen 
1. Mark Schulbach (Ventura, CA) 2:10:17 
2. Patrick McNenny (Foster City, CA) 2:11:30 
3. Nick Bobroff (Carpenteria, CA) 2:14:47

Prone Men UL 
1. Aaron McKinnon (Capitola, CA) 1:49:01 
2. Todd Robinson (San Diego, CA) 1:51:18 
3. Don Miralle (Encinitas, CA) 1:53:36

SUP Women 
1. Morgan Hoesterey (Honolulu, HI) 2:08:38 
2. Jen Fuller (Sausalito, CA) 2:16:56 
3. Kalia Alexiou (Soquel, CA) 2:19:00

SUP Men 12'6" 
1. Keith Meter (San Clemente, CA) 2:04:16 
2. John Walsh (Mendocino, CA) 2:17:46 
3. Scot Cheney (Capitola, CA) 2:18:16

SUP Men Fourteen 
1. Matt Becker (Santa Barbara, CA) 1:54:15 
2. Jarkko Simonen (Portland, OR) 1:56:15 
3. Jimmy Spithill (San Francisco, CA) 1:59:21

1. Rob Graham (Carpenteria, CA) 2:00:56 
2. Mark Christman (Santa Barbara, CA) 2:08:02 
3. Billy Demartini (San Francisco, CA) 2:41:59

The over-all mission of the Surftech Jay Race is to encourage paddlers of all ages and genders to take to the water for friendly competition, camaraderie and to remember legendary Santa Cruz waterman Jay Moriarity. All of the proceeds from the Jay Race are donated to our local Junior Lifeguard organizations for scholarships and equipment.   

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