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Sanuk announces new global "Always..." campaign




Lifestyle footwear brand Sanuk announces new global marketing campaign

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 May, 2015 - New York, New York - Sanuk announced the launch of its multi-platform, global marketing campaign aptly titled, Always…Sanuk. Rolling out in April, the campaign is an evolution of the brand's 2014 campaign aimed at educating the consumer about the Sanuk brand's 'Never Uncomfortable' message and the inspired lifestyle it is built for.

The campaign leverages real life situations and fun, fearless emotions through images of friendly motorbike races, archery challenges, desert golf and other smile-inducing activities.

"Our new campaign delivers upon our strategy of expanding the brand philosophy to new consumers, while strengthening our bond with our core audiences," said Ethan Anderson, vice president of global marketing for Sanuk.

"The campaign embodies our aspirational message through warm, visually-driven creative executions that capture the energy of our brand. We're really excited about the progressive direction it is headed."

"When the name of the company translates to fun, the campaign better be fun," said Eric Springer, chief creative officer for Ignited. "We captured that feeling of slipping on a pair of Sanuk shoes and hanging out with a group of eclectic, like-minded,  loving friends of all ages that are always game for anything that happens and always comfortable in their own skin."

The Sanuk® brand's campaign features several talents from their diverse and growing arsenal of brand ambassadors including newly announced artist Susan Wickstrand, surfer/musician Donavon Frankenreiter, surf sweetheart Kiana Fores, photographer Steve Sherman and surfing top talent legend Torrey Meister.

The campaign showcases the brand's multi-season, evolved offering with standout new styles like the Kat Collection for women and the Boulevard Collection for men as well as favorites such as Yoga Mat sandals and Sidewalk Surfers.


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