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Science team dominates at Ala Moana bodyboard event

Science team © Science Bodyboards




Team News

Science team comprise 70% of finalists at Ala Moana

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 June, 2015 - Ala Moana, Hawaii - The lead innovator for Science Bodyboards Mike Stewart has been designing boards for decades. He is a 9 time World Champion and 11 time Pipeline Champion. Science prides itself on staying ten steps ahead of the competition. The Science Team riders proved this past weekend that his tried and true methods have proven successful for his team.

"For over 40 years I have committed my life to bodyboarding", said Stewart. " From my discoveries along the way I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which is the foundation on which my boards are built. Behind every board there is a passionate team focused on the harmony of art and science with the goal of making the best bodyboards."

Stewart calls the process of innovating boards "Real Time Innovation" or RTI. The team works closely with each other to see what is really working in the water, offering for sale the very boards that are perfect.

They have arrived at the three best performing shapes for the three principal approaches to bodyboarding. "Pocket" surfing, "Launch"ing for air moves, and "Style" for mixing it up. They call this the "Template Series" and it's the key to an entire new realm of performance. Ride deeper, Fly higher and Carve harder than ever before is their mantra!

"I feel like a proud parent watching the Hawaii Science team ripping their way into the finals of each division and beating some of the worlds best in the process", exclaimed Stewart. 

The team proved that the years of development has garnered great competition boards. They won over 65% of the final placings at the first Hawaii event of the season.

Womens: Melanie Bartels 1st - Karla Costa 2nd - Summer Hillen 3rd - Traci Effinger 4th
Drop Knee: Sammy Morretino 3rd - Mack Crilley 4th
Stand Up: Sammy Morretino 2nd - Keahi Parker 3rd
Junior: Kawika Kamai 1st - Matt Orourke 2nd - Noa Auweloa 3rd
Pro Mens: Sammy Morretino 2nd - Mike Stewart 3rd
Masters: Jimmy Hutaff, 2nd - Pat Caldwell 3rd 

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