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Sean Davey delivers five of his best photos

Sean Davey, Photography, Surfersvillage Photo Series, Instagram Takeover
Banzai Sunset © Sean Davey



Surfersvillage Photo Series

"It's hard to pick 5 and call them my best, so I'll just call them 5 of the best..."

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 June, 2014 - Originating in Tasmania, Australia's island state and surrounded by vast natural beauty as far as the eye can see, Sean gained an appreciation for nature early on in life. His photography journey started back on the 20th of October in 1977 when he squeezed off his first ever photograph, fittingly a picture of a wave. It's been more than 30 years since then.

In that time, Sean has built his name as a premier photographer of all things beach and surf. He's managed to garner more than 140 magazine covers and produced 3 books  as well as a string of awards along the way. 

Sean's name has become synonymous with breathtaking beach scenery, often involving  incredibly clear blue waters, palm trees, surfers and all manner of sea life, as well as the most spectacular Hawaii'an sunsets. When Sean is not traveling, he's  working from his home on Oahu's north shore, usually producing his spectacular canvas and prints adding to his folio of incredible images on an every other day basis.       

Name:             Sean Davey




Email:            art @

Top: "Banzai Sunset" I've been shooting the line up at Pipeline snce the 90's and it never gets old. There always another cool lineup to be had from the place. I called this one Banzai Sunset.


"Heavy water Speed"  -  Sean says: ‘Speed Blurs have always been something that I've dabbled in. I enjoy the uncertertainty of the image and your increased ability to be creative in the image's outcome. I shot this one of Jamie Sterling at The Pipe on a pretty hefty sized day. "Sterls" is always out there on the bigger days. My shutter speed was wayyyyyy down to like a 6th of a second....


About "Blue Sling" Sean says: ”This from a trip in 2006 with Myles Padaca, Makua Rothman &  Jamie Obren to a still then pretty unknown Paliker Pass in Micronesia, this is Pancho Stalling for a deep one. Thing was that the waves really were so perfect that the surfers were all pushing each other to take off deeper and more critically because it was just too easy to get perfect barrels.”



"Gold Nugget" Sean Davey shares his Hawaiian experience: “I took this incredible image the day before the last Eddie Aikau contest in 2009, that Greg Long won.  The surf was a whole nother level the day before the contest. It was at times very rough and it wasn't until the afternoon that it really started to look good.  it was easily thelargest Waimea that I've ever seen.  Up until this day people would talk about "the time that Waimea closed out"  On this day, it closed out numerous times and apparently they made severl rescues right as the sun was setting.”


Sean Davey’s "Banyan Surfer" “I photographed this one in Honolulu. I happened to be photographing the Banyan tree and a surfer just walked into the frame, completing the image. This is one of my more popular images.”






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