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Off-season Mentawai may hold more gold

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When do you travel to the Mentawai?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 April, 2014 -  As we are sure everyone will tell you May to September is the popular answer to that question because many regard it as the Mentawai surf season. But not all will be so quick to give you that answer. 

In February and March guess what? You can score quality, uncrowded perfection in paradise, in the Mentawai! The Perfect Wave Team have been out there on their own for several years experiencing what the Mentawai has had to offer ‘out of season’. You have to visit it to believe it.

Imagine surfing famous Mentawai breaks like HT’s, Macaroni’s & Telescopes with just your friends for company and all the time in the world to choose your perfect wave. If uncrowded two to five foot perfection is your perfect wave, then like us, you should consider Feb/March/April and November as alternative months to travel to the Mentawai.

Jamie Gray the co-founder and director of The Perfect Wave have just been to the Ments, staying at the Aloita Surf Resort & Spa with his daughter (Kali) and friend / Kandooma surf guide Rob (aka Undies). Jamie is a very experienced surfer, whilst Rob is known as a charger and Kali, at just eight years of age has only been surfing for a year and is proving to be a ‘chip off the block’.


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