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Spanish company Jetson™ launches 'boosted' surfboard

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 November, 2014 - Jetson™ has developed a surfboard with a small jet incorporated to provide an extra boost when catching a wave.  Jetson's engineers have worked on different prototypes for years. This final version provides the additional power necessary to get through the most critical moments of surfing, catching a wave and paddling out the back.

In these two situations, some surfers often end up exhausted and have to come out of the water very quickly. The main incentive to the surfer is that Jetson™ allows for a faster take off on the wave which can be surfed before it breaks. 

Big wave surfing is now within your reach and so is facing the toughest surfing conditions while expanding safety boundaries. However, one needs to bear in mind that Jetson™ remains a surfboard and behaves as one: it is dynamic and easy to maneuver. 


Jetson™ still needs the natural boost provided by waves. Without them, Jetson cannot reach its full potential.  Jetson™ surfboards work with batteries. With a normal charge you can surf more that 20 waves in a session. The jet's power output can be managed through the button controls located on the board's nose. There are 4 different speeds. 

Jetson™ manufactures its surfboards in Slash Surfboards factory in Salinas (Asturias), although HQ are located in Barcelona (Cataluña), where the final stages of production take place. Each and every component and detail have been designed to improve your surfing experience. 

Autonomy, size, jet geometry, weight, boost, environmental impact, power, usage and automatic functions, everything is intended to result in a fun and pleasant surfing experience. Runner-up in Innovem 2014 (a prestigious international competition with participation from approximately 50 companies working on innovation and entrepreneurship), Jetson™ is currently sold locally in top spanish surfshops. 

Stepping up to international distribution will happen on 2015. Marketing and sales will be also supported by partnerships with top surf schools that will offer Jetson surfboard tests to their customers, so that they can try it out and discover all the advantages of boosted surfing. There will also be Jetson test sessions on the best european surfing beaches.



Jeremías San Martín

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