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War is not the only obstacle to Gaza Strip sessions

Session at the Harbor © Ahmed Abu Hassira/Facebook



Surf Culture

Sewage hampers surfing in the Gaza Strip 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 December, 2014 - As wintry winds battered the Gaza Strip, sending many inside, two Palestinian men instead rushed for the breaking waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mohammed Abu Jayyab, 41, and his friend Ahmed Abu Hasira, 35, represent two of about two dozen surfers catching waves in the blockaded strip, which has endured three devastating wars with Israel in six years, the most recent this summer.

The Gaza Surf Club describes the sport as a way to “forget about the hardships of living in Gaza.” But that’s not really the case as the two men splash into water cold enough to take their breath away even in wetsuits. Raw or only partially treated sewage now churns into the waves.

“We take to the sea engulfed with fears of infection. In the past, the water was better,” said Abu Jayyab, a father of five.

The sewage in the Mediterranean stems from long-standing electricity shortages linked to a border blockade enforced by Israel and Egypt since the Islamic militant Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007. Rolling power cuts disrupt pumps handling sewage for the strip’s 1.8 million people. Those cuts intensified after the summer’s war, which the United Nations said killed some 2,200 Palestinians, along with 72 on the Israeli side.

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