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Shaper's Delight: Boardroom Show lights up Del Mar

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Chuck of Foam Challenge runs along with new techs

Roger Hinds replicates classic Aipa Sting at Boardroom

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 May, 2014 - Del Mar - Longtime surfboard craftsman Roger Hinds paid the ultimate tribute to Ben Aipa this weekend. Six shapers were tasked with replicating a classic Aipa Sting. The board was made specifically for Buttons Kaluhiokalani in the 1974. Hinds' finished shape was deemed the best by judges Ben Aipa, Duke Aipa & Terry Senate.

Winning the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters shaping competition honoring Ben Aipa presented by US Blanks, against formidable shaping talent (which included defending champion Matt Calvani, Axel Lorentz, Cordell Miller, Davey Smith & Skye Richards) was a dream come true for Hinds.
"This has been an amazing weekend and I'm extremely happy and humbled," said winning shaper Roger Hinds. "The word 'legend' gets thrown around a lot but let me tell you, Ben Aipa is a legend with a capital "L". To be able to win this event, to honor Ben, and to do it at here...this weekend has been the most important weekend of my shaping career. This building is brimming with wonderful people filled with surf stoke. Incredible."
The six shapers were tasked with replicating a classic Aipa Sting, a board made specifically for Buttons Kaluhiokalani in the 1974. The board has many unique features including a subtle beak nose, sleek down rails, a flat deck and of course the iconic Ben Aipa Sting. On top of that, Aipa walked into the shaping bay during the competition and told each shaper to add a swallow tail to the shape - the original board has a small square tail.
Hinds won $1K and his name was inscribed atop the Mike Marshall Perpetual Trophy along with past winners Ricky Carroll, Marc Andreini, Pat Rawson, Wayne Rich, Matt Biolos, Ward Coffey, Stu Kenson, and Matt Calvani.

The Boardroom also featured two other competitions:
In the Chunk of Foam Challenge presented by US Blanks, Chris Christenson bested Hank Warner, Mike Estrada and Kelly Connolly. In this unique and physically testing event, each shaper must find a surfboard from within a large chunk of foam. No easy task. In a groundbreaking moment for female shapers, Kelly Connolly of the San Gabriel Mountains became the first female shaper to compete in one of The Boardroom competitions.

"Kelly kicked ass. The Chunk of Foam Challenge is a beast.," said Boardroom Executive Director Scott Bass "She went into the shaping bay with lots of eyeballs on her, everyone wondering if she had skills. She shaped an absolutely gorgeous surfboard out of a massive chunk, using only one power tool and drawing the template onto the blank by hand. She nailed it!"
The Best of Show ribbons presented by Surf Expo were awarded to:
Vulcan - Best High Performance Shortboard
Donald Takayama Surfboards - Best Longboard
Wayne Rich Surfboards - Best Alternative
Album Surfboards - Best Artistic
Michael Rumsey Surfboards - Best Wooden Surfboard

It was an incredible weekend with no shortage of innovation. David Barr introduced his ShapeShifter removable tail system. Hannes Simon from Germany flew over and unveiled tangle-free Virtue Surfing leash, and Carapace wetsuits showed off their stylish custom-fit-to-order fullsuits. The RevChem laminating demos focused on new cloth materials, eco-friendly resins, and coloring techniques had the audience informed.
Next year promises to be an important show as The Boardroom Surfboard Show will honor San Diego shaper Rusty Preisendorfer. 2015 marks the 30th Anniversary of the R-dot / RUSTY surfboard label.




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