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Share the Stoke & Michel Bourez deliver boards

Michel Bourez © Firewire Surfboards



Humanitarian Updates

Share the Stoke will be sending boards to South Africa youth

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 July, 2014 - Lake Worth, Florida - To celebrate ASP’s J-Bay Open Youth Development Day, Share the Stoke Foundation will be sending volunteers and ambassadors during the month of July to South Africa for a unique relief effort in collaboration with Waves For Change, Surf Shack Outreach, and 9Miles Project in Cape Town. Other groups to be impacted on the trip will be The Surfer Kids in Great Brak River, The Pelsrus High School Surf Program and The Jeffrey’s Bay Surf Club.  

“Our goal is to work together with local nonprofits to expand our impact. We want to afford the global surf community an opportunity to connect with at-risk youth living in distressed areas through unique missions such as this one. We believe children deserve more than just the basics to survive-- they deserve hope and access to activities that impact their lives in a positive way.” Kelly Kinston, Founder.

The #STSFSouthAfrica initiative will be hosted between July 9th-23rd and work side by side with STSF’s  South African branch which was launched in 2013 and has made a positive difference for many young South Africans. The goal is to impact 50 at-risk teens by partnering with existing organizations that provide kids with access to enrichment programs that implement mentorship and support.

To inaugurate the #STSFSouthAfrica campaign, professional surfer Michel Bourez will be present to award selected children with an STSF Firewire surfboard, FCS fins and leash, and Sticky Bumps wax. Other professional surfers will be on location to donate additional surf gear during the Open.

STSF has also partnered with Surfr App to log surf sessions, highlight new surf spots and to establish the organizations STSF meets with on the app and to record their needs whether it be clean water, wetsuits or any other necessity. To learn more on how Surfr App can connect you with the best surf spots, surf reports and local surf organizations, visit

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