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Shark culling debate re-ignites after two Oz fatalities

Great white shark © Terry Goss



Shark Updates

Two surfers killed by two different species of sharks in one week in Australia

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 December, 2013 - Zac Young's death at Coff's Harbour after a tiger shark attack follows a fatal attack at Gracetown in Western Australia last weekend where Chris Boyd is suspected to have been killed by a great white.

Currently under consideration is a change to laws in West Australia that will allow sharks to be killed near popular beaches.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt told media outlets: “I am keen and we are keen to work with any state governments in whatever way will help explain why there's been an increase in the number of attacks and secondly to understand what if anything can be done to reduce the risks to humans.,” Environment Minister Greg Hunt.

The AAP reported that University of Sydney PhD researcher Christopher Neff, who has studied the politics of shark attacks, said whether or not a shark is a rogue that intentionally bit someone misses the point.

"The moment you move into a conversation about whether or not the fish intentionally bit the person I think you get off the point," he told AAP on Monday.

"This is often a point that (victim's) families make that has been ignored by politician after politician... If politicians cared about public safety they should stop talking about individual sharks as if it were a Hollywood movie."

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