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Shark munches on seal in crowded California lineup

Pacifica © Brocken Inaglory/Wikicommons



Shark Updates

Pacifica reports third shark sighting this month

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 July, 2016 - The lineup of a beach in Northern California crowded with beginning and intermediate surfers cleared out quickly when it was discovered a shark was eating a seal just out the back.

It was the third shark sighting for the season at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, a popular surfing destination south of San Francisco.

Recent video shows the shark eating a seal in the lineup just outside of where set waves were breaking. What is not shown exactly is how close to the surfers the feeding shark was. On a crowded weekend the beach can see hundreds of surfers, mostly beginners, packing the lineup.

One eyewitness was out surfing with her daughter when she saw the shark attack and eat the seal.

Stephanie Ebinger was surfing with her family during the close encounter. Like everyone else, she and her daughter hurried back to shore.

"All of the water that I could see had turned red," Ebinger told ABC7 News. "I just turned to my daughter who was right next to me and told her to paddle in as fast as she could, get a wave, as fast she could," Ebinger said.



There were two other shark sightings at Linda Mar this month prompting police to issue a warning and advising the public to be careful in the water.

Pacifica has a long rich surf history and was the home of big-wave pioneer Fred van Dyke. It’s also home to the Pedro Point Surf Club, one of the oldest in California.

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