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Shark Shield smells money in shark-shy waters of Florida

The Shark Shield in action © Shark Shield






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Australian company sets up US headquarters on Gulf Coast

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 March, 2015 - St. Petersburg, Florida - Australia, South Africa, and Northern California might get the most attention, as far as sharks go, but the warm, placid waters of Florida's Gulf and Atlantic coasts are host to more shark attacks than almost anywhere in the world.

Shark Shield—one of a number of Australian companies developing products meant to curb shark attacks—produces a device that repells sharks via an electronic "force field", have taken note, setting up their US headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Tampa Bay Times reported today that Shark Shield's owners have decided on "aggressively selling it in Florida."

The Times explains what Shark Shield does like this: "The base of the electronic component of the Shark Shield fits in a pouch that wraps around the user's foot. Electrodes on a six-foot-long coil emit an electronic surge that extends 20 feet through the water... the surge irritates the receptors on sharks' snouts, causing them to go into a spasm."

"The Diverter," above, a "shark-proof" wetsuit developed in Australia.

Shark Shield has been in development for over a decade; the company claims to have sold more than 25,000 units over that period, to surfers, paddle boarders, ocean kayakers, and anyone waterbound and shark-weary. Only 10% of their sales thus far have been in the US.

According to the the report, [Shark Shield] is recruiting more investors with the goal of raising $1.4 million to help finance the research and development of the new Shark Shield model.

"There are 25 million surfers globally," Wilson told the Times. "Think about all the moms who worry about their sons surfing around the world or even at New Smyrna Beach."

As for New Smyrna's shark problem, check out this clip of Eric Geisleman shredding with fins to the left, fins to the right...



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