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Shelly Beach attack caught on cam, great white responsible

Great White Shark © Ken Bondy/Flickr Commons



Shark Updates

Coastalwatch surf cam shows attack briefly

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 February, 2015 - The shark attack that killed Tadashi Nakahara is reported to have been caught on camera from the Coastalwatch live-streaming surf cam. Coastalwatch said that a ‘large marine animal came into contact with a surfer sitting in the water’ about 50 meters offshore.

“The contact appears to last for approximately 5-10 seconds with a large amount of water, turbulence and splashing occurring,” read the Coastalwatch statement. “Two other surfers are seen close to the surfer during the contact, one approximately 20-30m away to the north and another 5-10m closer to shore.”

Coastalwatch said five people were logged in at the time and that nothing graphic could be seen before the camera panned away to another section of beach. Australian authorities confirmed the shark responsible was a great white, between three and four metres long.

Tadashi Nakahara © Facebook


A Department of Primary Industry statement said the shark responsible is “unlikely to have remained in the immediate area” following the fatal attack. Despite searches no shark has been found.

Christopher Neff from the University of Sydney said there is no data to suggest there is a rise in the number of sharks off Australia’s east coast. The attacks could be the result of small changes in thermal currents, fish movements or they could be random. There could also be more people using the ocean, thereby increasing the chances of contact with sharks.

Bryan Dickerson

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