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Shred Show's Chris Grow hits the road for new features





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Chris Grow unveils new Shred Show travel series, starting with Costa Rica

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 June, 2015 - Newport Beach, California - Today Chris Grow, host and founder of the fun and exceptionally popular web series, Shed Show, unveiled the first in a new travel series, "Never Uncomfortable in Costa Rica." 

"After my fourth trip to Costa Rica (and second trip there with a girlfriend) I made a video that’s different than anything I’ve done before," Chris says. "It details one of the less traveled roads in Costa Rica using lots of video clips and photos. It’s goal is to provide somecertainty for novice travelers, and a few pro-tips for Costa Rican frequent fliers as well.

It’s based on a simple idea you may agree with: Changing the surfboard you ride by a few eighths of an inch isn't nearly as exciting as changing the waves you ride by a few thousand miles. The water feels thicker, the food is thrilling and the waves have a different texture. Travel is an opportunity to actually live a different lifefor weeks or months at a time."

Grow began posting Shred Show episodes several years ago, reviewing surfboards built by some of the industry's most popular shapers—Matt Biolos, Al Merrick, Firewire/Nev Hyman, Daniel Thompson, etc. The new series finds Chris walking wiewrs through surfing destination's history and insider info, a sort of narrated, surfy Lonely Planet guide, with excellent recomendations for accomadations, restaurants, etc., as well as wave assessments. 


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