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SIMA Boot Camp P.M. held at Fox Headquarters

riCardo crespo presents © SIMA



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riCardo shares creative methods at SIMA Boot Camp

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 July, 2014 -  The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) saw more than 100 attendees at the SIMA Boot Camp P.M. held Tuesday at the Fox Headquarters.

The event featured a presentation from riCardo crespo, Chief Creative Officer of th13teen, a creative-led brand advisory group. riCardo shared his creative methods for authentically bridging engagement between companies and their audience.  

riCardo’s presentation uniquely focused on the individual and what each attendee’s personal brand and purpose can give back to their company. He began by defining the word “Ubuntu,” a South African term meaning “I am because we are” and continually challenged the attendees to think outside the norm by making insightful points such as, “Saying we are as strong as our weakest link implies that there will be a weak link in your company.”
riCardo crespo is prominent in the design and branding industries as a provocative and creative mind, with previous positions held at 20th Century Fox, Mattel Inc., McCann Erickson and Saatchi & Saatchi. He has continually influenced high-profile brands through integrated strategic plans and one-voice designed communication. SIMA Boot Camp P.M. attendees were able to hear his stories and thoughts behind these plans first hand.
riCardo challenged the industry to strive not to be the best, but to always be better; to be progressive rather than stagnant. He invited audience participation through continually asking thought-provoking questions like “Does your work need you or do you need your work?” and “What do you do that brings everyone together, what is your purpose?” “Can you introduce yourself in seven words or less?”
Ultimately, crespo motivated the attendees to be unpredictable in the way they run their company: to be authentic. Crespo told the audience, “Authenticity is never having to say you’re sorry.” He went on to encourage the attendees that if they are staying true to who they are, there should never be a reason to apologize.
The event was held at the Fox Headquarters and offered a relaxed atmosphere that encouraged attendees to network with fellow surf industry employees and enjoy complementary food before the educational presentation, and allowed for a question and answer time with riCardo crespo after his presentation.

Kelly Keenan

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