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Is that a smartphone that's also a surfboard? Well, sort of



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CometCore Prepares to Launch World’s First Buoyant Smartphone

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 May, 2015 - CometCore announced today that (possibly) the world’s first water-resistant and buoyant smartphone will launch. The group is doing its Kickstarter campaign in hopes that enough people want to take their phones with them into the water.

A good idea for surfing? Who knows. Most of us like to be removed from technology (unless it helps us surf better) when we go into the ocean. But, for anyone who's ever accidently dropped their phone in the toilet or other body of water, this is an excellent idea.

“The phone is built with fins that deploy as soon as it is completely submerged in water, making it perfect for people who would like to take their phones with them while sailing, surfing, or hanging out at the beach or the pool,” said CometCore in a press release.



The Android device also measures your body temperature, has Turquoise LED lights and a bubble messenger. Comet will cost between $300-$375 depending on whether consumers choose the 16 or 32GB option.

Consumers also have the option to receive CometCore’s water-resistant Bluetooth earphones. Comet comes completely unlocked, so consumers can use it on whichever network they’d like.

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