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'So it Goes': A short film starring Felicity Palmteer



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'So it Goes' A short film starring Felicity Palmteer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 February, 2012 : - - Billabong surfer Felicity Palmateer is 19 years old and currently ranked no. 19 on the World Qualifying Series. At the age of four her Dad noticed her passion for surfing and encouraged and helped her to follow her dream of becoming a professional surfer. 

Having worked hard to make that dream come true Felicity now has to focus on maintaining it.  Like any professional sportsperson she is constantly trying to keep her competitive edge - juggling constant travel for contests, training and representing a brand - all in the media spotlight. The steady scrutiny that comes with this isn't easy. The pressure comes from every angle - especially from herself.

When the pressure of competitive surfing gets overwhelming Felicity takes solace in the one thing she loves most - surfing.  Shot on the pristine beaches of Margaret River, WA, this film demonstrates that although people can tell you which way to go in the end you have to forge your own path.

Presented by the American based Action Sports online TV channel - Inspired TV and produced by internationally awarded
film makers CosWeCan, '
So It Goes' gives viewers a little insight into the mind of an elite athlete, what they have to deal with, and how they manage to keep on keeping on. 



'When the going gets tough, I go for a surf - and everything thing just seems to fall into place. When I'm having a problem I get in the water and seem to find a solution.' says Palmateer.  DOP Clare Plueckhahn hopes 'that everyone can take something away from this clip, as everyone who is out there trying to make it in whatever field they are in faces challenges daily. This is just a little reminder to never lose sight the things that you love - because in the end that's the reason why you keep doing what you do.' 

LINK View the film here

STARRING Felicity Palmateer and her father Warrick Palmateer!/flosspalmateer


Fran Derham - / +61 (3) 402 257 323
Clare Plueckhahn - / +61 (3) 422 592 601

Source: Pauline Burggraaf

Author: Pauline Burggraaf

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