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Something knocks surfer off board while filming dolphins

Diane Ellis and her daughter: Image courtesy the Daily Examiner



Shark Updates

Speculation is that a shark may have attacked her board

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 January, 2015 - Australian surfer Dianne Ellis was filming a pod of dolphins from atop her longboard when one of them smashed into her. There is now speculation that it could have been a shark. The incident happened at Byron Bay where she says she had paddled out into the path of the dolphins.

In the video it's unclear what struck the board. But you can hear Dianne cooing to the dolphins and then saying: "Ahhh they're beautiful. Here comes some just now“ right before the strike which occurs at the one-minute mark.

“(There was) an immediate explosion and suddenly I was floundering around in the water with two pieces of board,” she told the Daily Examiner. 

"I thought a dolphin broke my board, but a small shark was sighted,” Ellis added later on her YouTube channel, requesting viewers to offer their take on the board-breaking aquatic life form.

A stand up paddler then helped her to shore on the two remaining pieces of longboard. Ellis said it looks there are teeth marks on one of the fins.

Ellis writes extensively about her struggle with Lyme Disease and is a certified breathwork practitioner, author and host of a radio show.



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