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South Africa reports new cable technology repels sharks


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Australia eyes shark-repellent cable after successful tests

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 May, 2016 - The South African Government has successfully tested a shark repellent cable near Cape Town. According to the report 52 white sharks approached the newly developed cable but then quickly swam away in the opposite direction once they got too close.

The cable works by confusing the sharks’ sensory systems. It floats just below the ocean surface and is much less cumbersome than current models of shark nets. Makers of the cable claim that it doesn’t harm sharks or other marine life.

Currently the Australian government is eyeing the cable as an option to drumlines and nets. 

Paul von Blerk who has been working on the project for years said humans and sharks would be kept apart by the simple cable.

“We’ve seen it work every time, and we’d like to bring it to Perth beaches within a few years,” he told Australia News. “We’ll now work on producing a commercial version for governments, and hopefully bring down the cost to as little as $200,000.”

Mr von Blerk helped create the small shark deterrent known as Shark Shield, which is now available in surfboard traction pads.

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