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Stokehouse adds shaping savant Taz Yassin to team



Team Updates

Taz joins Creators & Innovators project at VISSLA

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 July, 2014 - Taz Yassin was born  in1995 in a small surfing village of The Canary Islands and is the youngest full time professional shaper in the industry to date. By age 12 he shaped his first board, by age 15 he was working as a production back-shaper for factories around the world, and by age 16 he was already being invited to compete in shaping events alongside legends such as Pat Rawson, John Pyzel, Reno Abellira, etc...

In Taz’s reasonably short time as a shaper, he has worked with illustrious shapers such as Matt ‘‘Mayhem’’ Biolos, Maurice Cole, Tim Patterson, Johnny Cabianca and many more... Taz has basically grown up in surfboard factories and he’s been labeled as a young prodigy in the industry pretty much from the word ‘Go'.

"Joining the Creators and Innovators program is a really exciting experience," says Taz. "Because more often than not in the industry, people collaborate with brands just for the hell of it, without any emotional or moral involvement. But with VISSLA, i feel personally represented by their ideals, their direction, motivation and everything in between.

"The people that run it are real surfers that i respect and admire. And most importantly, they represent a tribe. A tightened group of people dedicated and determined to rewrite the way things are done. Stoked to be welcomed into the family."

Taz will join the team of Creators and Innovators at VISSLA along with Jeff Mc Callum, Danny Hess, Donald Brink and Hayden Cox. He will be representing Europe in the global program.

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