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Struggle continues for Martins Beach, California



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Property Owner Locks Access Gate, Set Off Lawsuits

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 August, 2014 - Your help is needed to preserve access to Martin’s Beach, located south of Half Moon Bay on the San Mateo coast. For almost 100 years Martin’s Beach has been accessible to the public from Pacific Coast Highway via Martins Beach Road.

The current owner, who bought the property in 2008, closed and locked the gate across the road and posted “No Trespassing” signs the following year, effectively blocking the only access road to the popular beach.

The California Coastal Commission, which is charged with protecting public access to California’s coast, has been working with the current owner and his representatives to comply with the Coastal Act and to again allow for public beach access.

Recently, the Commission posted a “Prescriptive Rights Survey” on its website, asking anyone who has accessed and used the beach in the past to fill out the questionnaire and submit it to the Commission.

The survey can be found here: Martin’s Beach Survey. 

Save The Waves Coalition is committed to distributing this survey to support the Coastal Commission in acquiring this important information and preserving access for all. Take action today and do your part in this historic battle!

This is an open submission process; no deadline has yet been posted.  Please use legible handwriting and sign after filling out.  Thanks for doing your part!  Save The Waves Coalition


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