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Hayden Cox works with Creed McTaggart for Love Buzz




Board Design

Hayden Cox expands on The Love Buzz model

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 June, 2015 - Hayden Cox dropped in on Compare Surfboards to talk design, in particular the Love Buzz. The Love Buzz was a project two years in the making between Hayden and Creed McTaggart. Below is Hayden's intricate and detailed breakdown of the board's characteristics...

The second board in My Quiver that I’ve got, that I love to ride in generally your everyday beach break conditions is the Love Buzz model. The Love Buzz model is a board I’ve worked on with Creed McTaggart. It was almost about three years before we released the board, but this particular board, it has a feeling where it has a lot of run. It’s got a lot of run for a shortboard, yet it has the features in the board to allow the board to release and to kind of get that response in the pocket of the wave.

In terms of dimensions, this board here is 5’7 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4. It’s in the FutureFlex technology, which I think is really feeding to this board. It’s what Creed really loves to ride. I showed him both the PE technology and the FutureFlex, and he consistently ends up on the FutureFlex and really loves the way that the technology connects with this shape.

What I like about this board is the fact that I can be on a performance shortboard yet not struggle to connect the dots in those kind of junky conditions. If you get a beautiful open face, you can really run the board and really draw out your cutbacks. It’s got a slight hip just at the back of the fin area, just right about here, and it gives a nice pivotal point off the bottom turn and off the top turn to get that release.



It has a lot more surface area in this board and a lot more volume up front than The Ando model, so I find that that’s definitely more forgiving when I’m riding, say, local beach breaks here at Mona Vale or over in Southern California – down at Lowers or when I can get out of LA and go in a little bit of a day surf. 

This kind of board I would always throw in the car because it’s really versatile in those conditions, which I would say, edging on waist to shoulder high to anything. Creed rides this up until almost double overhead North Point over in WA, which I’m very surprised about. But he connects with it, and that’s what he loves riding, riding this board in.

In terms of other features of this board that I really like, it’s just having that really nice, fast kind of…it’s not a skatey run, it’s definitely a connected feeling when you’re riding this board, but it has that surface area that really makes it easy to surf. You know? You kind of have enough surface area to be a little bit stable on the board and still feel connected. After working in an office five days or, you know, for myself, running a business for five days and getting out on the weekend, it’s definitely an easy board to connect with when you don’t get to surf a lot.

You know, it has a nice kind of single concave into a double with a bit of vee at the tail, and I think the transition of… it’s got a slightly more aggressive double (concave) through the fin area, which kind of gives it that bite and a little bit more lift and hold. But then it also kind of flows in with this, blend into a vee out the kind of last 3.5″ to 4″ at the tail. That also adds to the release of this board because, overall, it actually has quite a flat rocker, so when I was designing this board, I really had to add in those little features into the board, which allowed it to release. Otherwise, it’s going to feel really straight and stiff.

Definitely, with a hip, where the vee blends out and where that release is off around the back foot, that was definitely a feature of the board, which I was feeling when I was riding and testing out this board that I really needed to feel. Otherwise, it’s going to feel definitely way too connected and a little bit too straight.




In terms of fins, I generally like to ride either the Haydenshapes large fin – I definitely like surface area in my fins. This is actually another prototype of The Ando fin. The design of The Ando fin actually has the Haydenshapes base of the fin, blended with more like an EA or Rob Machado sort of tip to it. It’s combining that release of the tip of the fin with the Haydenshapes base of the fin.

Generally, in smaller waves, I would prefer to ride the Haydenshapes fin. When I get into slightly better waves, I would like a little bit more release and a little bit more less tip area. I get to surf Topanga quite a fair bit, and that’s generally quite small, you know, from waist to shoulder high, and I really love the Haydenshapes fin in the board. When I get down to, say, Newport or down to Lowers, I’ll definitely put in a fin like this, the Ando fin. 

It’s super fun because you get up to your top end speed really quickly even if the conditions are quite mushy, onshore and junky. You really get that nice, drivey rail, and you feel the flex response of the carbon on the rail. It’s a really good blend of that kind of, I would say, more of an old school kind of flatter rocker with enough curve to make this board a really all around kind of fun performance shortboard, which isn’t too shortboardy. It’s a little bit on more of the surface area side of shortboards.

That’s the Love Buzz. Yes, definitely my choice of board when I want to kind of try and attack the wave a little bit more when it’s anywhere from waist to head high and a half.




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