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Creators: Adam Warmington's dual worlds of film & photo



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Photography: The man behind the commercials makes time to shoot surf 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 March, 2015 - Adam Warmington speaks in a monotone British clip. One could explain away his even-keel delivery of facts as signs of a man bored-with-it-all. But deep within, this man froths - it just doesn’t come through in person-to-person discourse. 

His Instagram feed percolates with his film work - drone camera experiments, behind-the-scenes rock star shoots - and some solid surf photography (as well as images of an adorable two-year-old son.)

He froths so much, in his own weird, Adam Warmington way that when he damaged some internal organs while shooting a California slab it was three days before he even bothered seeking medical treatment.

A career filmmaker, Adam digs the photography end of things as both mediums play off of and inform one-another. 

He currently works as a commercials and documentary director, recently shooting an epic piece for Oakley, for which some of that frothiness comes through.


What do you shoot with?
- I shoot with a 5Diii, 7D Mamiya 45, Leica R, iPhone, GoPro4, C300, FS700, and RED.

How did surf photography start for you?
- On a two-year trip around the world when I was 22. Highlights were living in Australia for a year, spending 2 months in Indonesia and a month in Fiji.  

Share with us something that most people don’t know about surf photography.
- It is ridiculously low paid 


Tell us about that one time you almost died, on a surf trip or in the water. 
- This year hitting the reef at a central coast slab. I hit my back and side and thought I'd broken something. It was pumping so once I gathered myself I tried to get a few more but my body wasn't cooperating. Three days later it was still hurting so I went to hospital. After I relayed my symptoms the doctor semi-freaked out and rushed me into a bunch of tests and scans. Turns out I’d done something to my liver. If it was a tear it meant emergency surgery - fortunately it was just a contusion (big bruise). It was a bit of a wake up call though - not in love with the idea of bruising organs surfing   


Name one image you saw that changed the way you approach photography.
- Anything by Sebastiao Salgado... 

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