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Surf culture celebrated in 'Switchfoot II' publication




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Legendary collectors surf book available for the first time in Europe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 July, 2014 - Switch-Foot II is the sequel to the much sought after 'Switch-Foot: Surfing, Art & Music'. The sequel book has achieved cult status since it's release in 2005, making it a must have collectable item for many surfers. From the success of the first book Australian author Andrew Crockett was able to put together another coffee table book, this one twice as big as the first; at 368 pages, with over 90 contributors and 1000 unique images - most of them vintage.

Switch Foot II has received five star reviews in many surfing magazines and also high praise from the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and Rolling Stone magazine.

'Switch-Foot should be hailed for resurrecting then immortalising images of a bygone beach lifestyle. Also for stoking the eternal debate about whether surfing is a sport, subculture, state of mind or all of the above. Crockett's insightful first book scored him an induction into the Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame. He should be head-dipped in bronze for prying open the archives and preserving the wisdom of Troy, Hoole, Greenough, Falzon and McCoy plus other chairmen of the boards...' (Chad Watson, Sydney Morning Herald)

Switch-Foot II has never been available for wholesale in the UK or Europe, aside from the author's direct dealings with some indie shops in Cornwall, however Crockett has teamed up with the UK's Left Point distribution to bring the title to European shores in limited numbers. Beyond this Crockett is working on the third switch-foot book with a planned release in 2016, hopefully ensuring the titles longevity for years to come.



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