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Surf festival launches in Taiwan, includes ASC-sanctioned event

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Jialeshuei International Surf Festival in Kenting - Taiwan to Start Today

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 October, 2015 - Kenting-Taiwan - The 2015 Jialeshuei International Surf Festival is set to start this morning with competitors beach registration from 6:30 am to 7:30 am, followed by the official event opening formalities featuring Ping Tung County Mayor Men An Pan and other officials before the horn blows the start of competition at approximately 9:00 am, depending upon wave conditions.

This is the first ASC sanctioned event to take place in the Kenting area, where Asia's best men and women surfers including 3 previous ASC Men's Champions and a previous ASC Women Champion have come to Taiwan to join over 200 other competitors for three days of competition and good times at the area's most popular surf spot of Jialeshuei.  

There will be a double bank set up with the ASC Men's and Women's divisions run seperately from the local longboard, shortboard, junior bodyboard and SUP divisions, but with Taiwan's best men and women surfers joining the ASC divisions under the eye of ASC Head Judge Made "Sachang" Sadiartha from Bali, Indonesia and his panel of expert judges coming from Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

In the ASC Men's division will see a field of 24 competitors from Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, the USA, Hawaii, and England, competing for the $5,000 USD prize purse on offer, and the Women's Division with 12 competitors representing Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines chasing their share of the $3,000 USD prize pot.

The forecast for today shows good swell on offer with diminishing winds from the recently past typhoon, so it's expected that the ASC competitors will see action either on the rivermouth break or the lefthander known as Goofys. 

The Jialeshuei International Surfing Festival  is sponsored by the Pingtung County Government, Quiksilver Taiwan, Roxy, Ocean Potion, North Shore Surfing World, Surf Trip World, Jimmy Lewis, True Wave, UUKT, HOT Kenting, Sea Doo, Japan Star Travel, Surfin'Life, Tempus, KTers, Pineapple Surfboards, 720-armour, Ref Surfboards Hawaii, National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Kenting Surf Shop, Taiwan SP Surf, Empowerment Employment Program, Local Motion, and USA Style Shop; organized by TORSA and sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championships.

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