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'Surf Lady' offers five tips to avoid shark attack



Shark Updates

Veronica Grey's tips include basic common sense

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 July, 2014 - Every five days, someone somewhere on this planet is bitten by a shark. Is it any wonder that Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg is the second most psychologically disturbing film of all time? Critically acclaimed author, inventor, frequent Shark Week guest, and professional surfer paid to surf on shows like Hawai’i 5-0, “The Surf Lady” Veronica Grey says that, “Shark attack mitigation is as simple as black and white:”

1.    Never wear bright colors. They remind sharks of a tropical fish. Always wear black and white stripes. SURF LADY COSTUME: Black and White Wetsuit

2.    Avoid swimming after a storm. Statistics show that sharks get thrown off their migratory patterns after a storm and this confusion contributes to erratic eating habits.

3.    Never wear jewelry of any kind in the water. Not even wedding rings. They look like lures! PROP: Shiny objects, even a camera phone (flashing is a no-no in the ocean!)

4.    Never swim from dusk ‘til dawn. This is prime shark feeding time. PROP: a watch

5.    Research the resort. Simply google the name of your intended beach + the words “shark attack” to see if there have been previous issues there. Sharks tend to return.

The Surf Lady, Veronica Grey has appeared on every network with 55 TV appearances in under three years, on shows like Good Morning America and Daytime. She is the founder of and researcher behind the guidebook Swim Without Sharks ~ The Real Surfer’s Paradise: Guide to Shark Attack-Free Destinations of the World. This Surf Lady trademarked the world’s first ever and only line of shark repellent wetsuits, swimwear, and surfboards. A UCLA graduate, her mission is to save lives, especially in the water.

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