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Surf RX, ...Lost & Spyder models in Varial Foam technology

Varial Foam
$700 - $900

V2 Shortboard from ...Lost by Matt Biolos
$700 - $900
In Matt's words, "Starting with what I considered to be our best hybrid, the V2-Rocket, I stretched the outline into a pointy, yet conservative, nose and blended the “Rocket” tail into a wide-ish, smooth squash. The exceedingly low entry rocker, coupled with continuous and generous tail lift, made for a board that both paddled and caught waves well, but turned tight and precise in the pocket. It features a similar foil and rails as its predecessor and continues to have slight double concave deck under the rear foot (which really “locks” the surfer into place)."


"SPDR" from Spyder by Dennis Jarvis
The SPDR was based off of hours of watching local South Bay surfers on performance boards; and the plight they had in trying to get speed out of their boards while pushing their board rail to rail. Derived from the 2012 "Utility" model. The SPDR is more of an “every-mans” high performance short-board. The outline has a slight "bump" or break in the rail right next to the front fins where all the drive comes from.  The break in the rail adds more curve to the outline, my basic board design theory on ALL surfboard designs is "the more curve you have in the rail, the less rail you have in the water, the less rail you have in the water, the tighter of an arch you can make." 

With a deep single to double concave, a little extra lift in the tail, a little wider hip with softer rails in the front 2/3 of the design helps make digging a rail a thing of the past (well almost) The SPDR is designed to ride about 1" shorter than your normal short-board. This board is a good all around board for surfers whose ability is average or above.


"Seahawk" from Surf Prescriptions by Jeff "Doc" Lausch
$700 - $900
Maximum high performance short board. It features a deep single concave running nose to tail deepest between the fins and extra tail rocker compliments the deep concave This combination of concave and rocker adds speed and maneuverability resulting in to one of our highest performance models ever. Built for advanced surfers interested in advanced surfing. Comes with a round tail but also available in squash and swallow tail designs.

Varial Foam: We are introducing a foam core which is an entirely new chemistry to the surf industry. It’s not a variation of PU or EPS . . . it’s an advanced aerospace formula. The strength of Varial Foam eliminates the need for a stringer, carbon graphite strips or any other strengtheners. Fewer variables give you a pure and repeatable base to build from all while having a uniform density throughout the entire core. The high modulus of the foam makes the board highly responsive as it transfers energy directly through the core to the water’s surface without compromising overall flex. Varial Foam is made to be easily shaped and can easily integrate into any shaper's line-up.




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