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Surf Trip Packing: Three bag options from Roark




Gear Review

Choose the right pack for your surf needs: Crater duffle, Crux3 Daypack and Missing Link

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 October, 2016 - Beyond surfboards, the simple act of going surfing requires a fair amount of gear: wetsuits, leashes, fins, wax and more. Whether you are going to your local beach break or way off the beaten path in deepest Indonesia, the surfbag market currently offers a wide range of options.

We took at peek at three new bags from Roark for when it’s time to pack up and explore: The Missing Link, the Crux 3 Day Pack and the Crater Duffle. We looked at design, function and constructions and compiled the below guide to find which is best suited for your own unique surf-specific adventure.


The Missing Link:


Our favourite of the three bags tested is the Missing Link. Why? Because its simple wet/dry design makes it perfect for stuffing with wetsuits, towels and generally any surf necessities that get sandy, dirty and grimy. For expanded use beyond the beach the bag can be turned inside out to be rinsed and cleaned should you want to use it for non-surf trek missions, like an urban weekend.

The bag has a small stash pocket with waterproof zipper that is perfect for wax, fins and sun block. The seams are welded just like many of your high-end surf trunks, and the PVC Tarpaulin shell material is strong, durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

Summary: This bag scores points for its simplicity, durability and ease-of-use. There are no extraneous features or extra pockets and straps; it’s just super simple. We also really liked the techy waterproof  PVC Tarpaulin shell material and the solid seam construction.

Tech Specs:

Dimensions: 27" H x 14" W x 5.5" D

Holds 25 liters

50C printed PVC Tarpaulin shell

600D straps

Back padding


Crux 3 Day Pack


The design is inspired by Roark’s popular Mule Pack, a solid military-ithemed backpack. We were really impressed with  its styling and the attention to the finer points. Little details like having the bag bottom-fitted so you can stand it up without it tipping over, make it a great travel option. Two smaller pockets, one seamless the other a side pouch offer easy access while the top-flap has a pocket with a quick-pull cord. The whole bag has that vintage army-pack vibe with deep tweed green fabric and khaki trim.

Our favourite feature was the hidden laptop sleeve. There is a side zipper that allows quick access to a securely padded laptop holder with velcro closure strap. Most top-load backpacks are a pain-in-the-ass to get a computer in and out of but Roark have solved this problem with a deep side zipper that allows immediate access into the main bag compartment and laptop sleeve. It’s a creative solution and makes the pack more user-friendly.

Summary: A great hybrid travel backpack and laptop carrier. Holds a lot and is really smartly designed. The pockets are non-obtrusive and well-placed. However, none of the storage places are waterproof, so wet items will have to be placed in a waterproof bag before being placed in the Crux 3 Day Pack. That said, it’s perfect for a weekend jaunt and has enough room for clothes and surf gear.

Tech Specs:

Dimensions: 19" H x 10" W x 5.5" D

Foam backed cordura 

Adjustable water bottle pouch

Waterproof zipper detail

PV Coated canvas bottom

Internal laptop stow

25 Liters


The Crater Duffle

Sometimes the most simple and elementary approach to travel works best. The Crater Duffle is a smart, practical approach to keeping all your gear and clothes in one ample, totable storage space. The bag boasts padded strap, quick front-access pocket, foam-backed handling points and waterproof zipper for passports, tickets and other must-not-get-wet essentials. 

Overall we liked the bag’s styling and attention to detail. The finer finished points make it look much cooler than some generic sport-mart duffle bags. That said, it’s not only the styling that make this a great weekend getaway option, it holds more than both of the above bags by Roark, so if you tend to take a lot of stuff with you this bag is a great choice.

Summary: We liked the simplicity of opting for a duffle on your next surf trip, especially if you have a lot of gear to stow. It is also one of the most stylish duffle bags out on the market. 

Tech Specs:

Dimensions: 12.25 H x 20.25 H x 10 D

41 Liters

Top zip closure

Padded carry handle strap

Front quick access zip pocket

Dual inner zip pockets

Inner laptop sleeve and phone pocket

Foam backed cordura with 2 addition handling points

Waterproof zipper detail for passport and airline tickets

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