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Traction pads made out of algae? New company launches

Traction Pads Made Out of Algae?


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ALGIX & Effekt Introduce World’s First Algae-Derived Surfboard Foams

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 August, 2015 - Algix LLC, the world’s leading producer of algae bio-products, and Effekt LLC announced today the creation of the worlds first algae-derived flexible foams. Both companies are joining forces in a joint venture entitled Bloom Holdings LLC to commercialize the foam.

“Flexible foams have been overwhelmingly made out of non-renewable petrochemicals for decades,” says Rob Falken, Effekt’s and Bloom Holding’s Managing Director. “Over the past year we’ve worked really hard to create a suitable algae biomass alternative that doesn’t compromise performance and that delivers tried–and–true characteristics for all sorts of demanding applications” he continued.

The foam is produced in a patented process that utilizes Algix’s dried algae biomass (GMO-free) which is solely collected from waste streams across the US and Asia. Algal blooms have become prevalent worldwide due to a rise in global temperatures and a subsequent increase in water temperatures.

They’ve also been impacted by increased human population growth and from activities like overfishing, which have increased nutrient loading in waterways. As a feedstock, algae biomass is a non-food resource, requiring no pesticides to grow and is found in abundance globally. This ensures a consistent and stable raw material supply for years to come. “We are literally turning a negative into a positive,” stated Falken.

 “Bloom Holdings has a strong commitment to being a values driven organization. We try to incorporate sustainability and practicality into everything we do. We want to help make more sustainable product options an accessible and easy choice,” says Mike Van Drunen, co-founder and CEO of Algix and a Managing Member of Bloom Holdings.

Utilizing an examined approach, Bloom Holdings LLC has already secured an independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the flexible foams, as well as numerous certificates of environmental validation.

The brand name for this new flexible foam is aptly called BLOOM™. Manufacturing will commence in early 2016 in both the US and Asia. Several ideal applications for BLOOM™ foam are footwear, yoga mats, sporting goods, and toys just to name a few. 


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