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Surfboards & Mega Swell light up latest NZ Surfing Magazine



Magazine Updates

NZ Surf Magazine launches issue #165 Sept/Oct 2015

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 September, 2015 - As the blossoms appear and the days grow longer and already seem warmer NZ Surf drops onto the shelves of the local store or into your letter box if you are a lucky subscriber.

Even the water seems to be just a tad warmer already after a hellishly cold winter, one of record low temperatures both in and out of the water. This hasn't  seemed to put off any of you surfers out there, with some epic sessions of winter being enjoyed by many. Rubber, and plenty of it saved the day with the latest technology in wetsuits making for enjoyable surfing even when snow and ice lines the shoreline.

On the COVER we have the honour of featuring for his first time 2x National Senior Champion Jarred Hancox. Hands down Jarred would have to be the most dedicated and committed surfer in the country, a guy that lives, breathes and eats anything that will help him surf better and longer. He has also been a great inspiration to Taranaki groms and others further afield, helping mentor and coach them. Congratulations Jarred on not only your first cover but the first cover ever shot at Stent Road one of NZ's most iconic breaks.

We catch up with Richard Christie and re-kick his enRIChment column, Ric has been super busy campaigning on the World Tour and while the interest back home has been nothing but massive as we all sit on the edge of our seats from event to event supporting 'our boy'. We have heard Ric in the odd WSL interviews and seem him surfing, yet up until now we haven't known what is going on inside the mind and life of Ric while on Tour. Just after the halfway point of the tour Ric shares with us his thoughts and aspirations as he takes on the best in the world.


The Southern Ocean Mega Swell lit up the Indian, Tasman and Pacific a couple of months ago and was dubbed 'The Muzza swell' we caught up with three kiwi lads who enjoyed what many were calling the 'swell of the decade, century and lifetime'.

The Pita Pit Roady found a small window of reprieve from the constant battering westerlies and headed to Taranaki for some Surf Highway 45 magic. With forecasts pointing toward the most intense El Nino weather pattern in history, days like this must be grasped and surfed till you drop. Which was exactly what several local lads did over the three days of El Nino's Reprieve. Pumping point breaks, snow melt chilled water and a towering scenic wonder of Mt Taranaki blanketed in fresh snow set the scene.

This issue also features heavily our 2015 Surfboard Design Feature which showcases many of the crafts of local shapers and the boards available here in NZ stores. Along with a forum displaying over 60 of the latest surfboards to help you choose your next weapon, we also cover features on computer shapes, fins, volume and catch up with five young kiwi surfers keeping the passion and art of shaping alive.

We continue to look at another five years of our 30 year celebrations featuring what was cool and who was ripping between 2000 and 2005.


If having your next mag turn up in your letterbox is what you'd like then by SUBSCRIBING this issue you can also WIN an O'NEILL Hyperfreak Competition Series Zip Less wetsuit, that'll will keep you toasty over the upcoming spring months.

Also deep within the pages of this issue:

Spencer White takes on his 7th Wave.
Taranaki's Tom Butland wags school to become our Rising Grom.
144 years of surfing with Benny Hutchings and Eddie Rare.
Surfing's ABC's with Johnny Hicks
Introducing Justin Bambery
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