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Surfer founder John Severson designing Fender guitars


John Severson : photo Jon Karcey

Surf Culture

John Severson designing surf guitars for Fender, debuting at The Laguna Surf Gallery

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 September, 2008 : - - Fender said, 'Surf it!'  I waited 40 years for that call.  I was impressed with Johnny Fain surf guitaring in an ad for Surfer and always wondered how hard it would be.  So I 'test drove' the Surf Fever model on Maui on some smooth glassy walls. 



As I took off, I swung the guitar around from my back, right into a major chord position playing my Dick Dale favorites.  Duck dives and rolls resulted in some interesting horse collar wipeouts.  I chased the guitar to the rocks--luckily it¹s a floater.  I highly recommend it, but without the amp.  One more thing you can do at 74. 

Aloha, John

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John Severson

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