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Surfers Hall of Fame will induct big-wave rider Greg Noll


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Surfers Hall of Fame to Induct Big Wave Rider Greg Noll

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 July, 2006 : - - Huntington Beach, CA. – This year’s Surfers’ Hall of Fame inductees are legendary big wave rider Greg Noll, six-time world champion Layne Beachley, Pipeline Master Rob Machado and surf apparel giant Bob Hurley. The ceremony, held this year at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 28, 2006, at the Surfers’ Hall of Fame located at 300 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, Calif.

The Surfers’ Hall of Fame committee inducts surfers who revolutionized and evolved the sport through technique, ability or lifestyle. Leaving their mark in the surfing world is taken literally at the Surfers’ Hall of Fame/ Each surfer marks his/her place by leaving handprints, footprints and autograph, similar to the Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Sportscaster Dave Stanfield will emcee along with surfing legend Corky Carroll. Big wave rider and “Riding Giants” star Laird Hamilton, who was inducted in 2002, will stop by to introduce legendary Greg Noll.

The Surfers’ Hall of Fame is the first imprint collection of legendary surfers in the world. Slater was inducted in August 2002 along with female world champion Lisa Andersen, innovative and daring Laird Hamilton and world champion longboard surfer Joel Tudor. Other inductees include: Mike Doyle, board shaper; Gerry Lopez, the Pipeline Master; Tom Curren, famed 1980s surfer noted for his aggressive yet fluid style; and Jericho Poppler, the first women’s world champion.

Each inductee is chosen by the Surfers’ Hall of Fame committee which consists surfers who appreciate and recognize reputable athletes. “The inductees have had a huge impact on our sport of surfing,” said Aaron Pai, committee member and owner of Huntington Surf and Sport. “This honors the athletes and their personal achievements. They leave their mark in the surfing community.”

Pai, an avid surf fan, started the Surfers’ Hall of Fame in 2002 after three years of working with the city of Huntington Beach to get it placed at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street, the heart of Surf City.

Although most surfers’ imprints were placed inside Pai’s store during 1995 and 2001, the athletes are honored to return to take their place in the legendary location, which boasts a beautiful bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku, the grandfather of surfing.

Greg Noll (1937)
From the beaches of California to the big waves of Hawaii, Greg Noll’s influence is still alive today. Noll, who traveled between Hawaii and the mainland during his high school years, became synonymous with big waves after a 1957 surf session at Waimea Bay.

The avid waterman admits that his youth was spent pestering the late Dale Velzy and the local fishermen at Hermosa Beach. By his teens, Noll spent his summers on California beaches and his winters surfing Hawaii’s big waves. From paddling to shaping, Noll did everything like a bull - head on, charge.

Noll’s surfing career is not based on contests, unlike many famous surfers. It is based on the passion of big wave riding. Today Noll’s name and history still reminds the surfing world that it takes power and courage to break barriers. The image of him standing on shore with his board and the black and white striped shorts is etched in every surfers mind.

Layne Beachley (1972)
To win one world title was Layne Beachley’s goal, even when she was able to get in the water one day a week between her many jobs. But the hardworking and hard charging Beachley accomplished more than that, six consecutive world titles. The native Australian’s consistent top finishes are proof that her hard work and discipline have paid off.

She continues to dominate the women’s World Championship Tour while dabbling with her other feats: tow-in surfing, big wave riding, competing in the men’s events and being the driving force for her foundation, the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars, which inspires female athletes throughout Australia.

Beachley is the culmination of beauty, brains and brawn; proving the surfing world that dedication and passion make great champions.

Rob Machado (1973)
Rob Machado is considered one the best surfers in the world both by his peers and by the surfing community despite a world title. Like many great soulful surfers, Machado’s success comes from his passion for surfing and the surfing lifestyle. Machado’s surfing career is colored with 12 World Championship Tour wins, Pipeline Masters title and starring roles in surf movies.

Machado’s commitment is what makes him stand out. The family man is actively involved in his community through music programs and local surf contests. The Rob Machado Foundation hosts some of Southern California’s largest beach events: Rob Machado Beach Classic and Cardiff Beach Fair and Rob Machado’s Par 3 Experience. He is actively involved in the Life Rolls On, the Hurley Rip My Shreadstick and the Second Annual Kelly Slater Invitational.

Each year Machado proves that greatness comes from within, no matter the titles gained.

Bob Hurley (1955)
As one of the surf industry’s top manufacturers, Bob Hurley’s success came with big risks and an even bigger vision. Hurley got his start as the U.S. licensee for the Australian based Billabong, which he enhanced by creating Billabong USA. From there, Hurley was able to create apparel beyond surf trunks.

When his contract with Billabong expired, Hurley and his team took the opportunity to launch Hurley International, a surf sports lifestyle apparel company. They hit the market in 1998, making more than the usual surf apparel. A few years later Hurley became a multi-million dollar company. The clothing attracted a growing teen market that incorporated music, skate and every alternative sport.

Their growth captured the eye of sport clothing manufacturer Nike. Seeing a chance to distribute internationally, Hurley and his team partnered with the sportswear giant. As a surfer, Hurley represents spirit. As a businessman, he represents independence and inspiration.

The Surfers’ Hall of Fame ceremony is free and open to the public. There is limited seating. It is advised to arrive early due to limited parking.

Past Surfers’ Hall of Fame Inductees

May 2002
Corky Carroll
Robert August
Robert “Wingnut” Weaver

August 2002
Kelly Slater
Lisa Andersen
Laird Hamilton
Joel Tudor

May 2003
Bud Llamas
Paul Strauch
Mike Doyle

July 2003
Andy Irons
Shaun Thomson
Tom Curren
Jack O’Neill

July 2004
Jack Haley
Peter Townend
Mark Occhilupo
Gerry Lopez
Jericho Poppler

December 2004
David Nuuhiwa, Sr.

July 2005
Carl Hayward
Tom Carroll
Robert McKnight
Mark Richards
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