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Surfers at Peruvian beach clash with riot police

La Pampilla © Renzo Giraldo/Facebook



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The beach La Pampilla under government work project

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 May, 2015 - Protesters clashed with police in La Pampilla, in the district of Miraflores, Lima Peru. Police equipped with helmets, riot shields and billy clubs charged into the surf to get the surfers out of the way of heavy equipment.

The surfer activists had staged a human blockade to prevent dump trucks from piling rocks on the beach of a local break. The government has stated the rock-dumping project is to protect a road from erosion.

Protesters held up umbrellas as a sign of defiance copied from the pro-democracy Hong Kong protests of last year.

Officials in Lima decided to fill the beach with rocks in order to prevent the third lane of a road from flooding during periods of heavy surf.

Eyewitness and local Renzo Giraldo said via Twitter: "The beach La Pampilla some minutes ago: police are forcing swimmers and surfers off to throw more stones at the beach. Destruction of public space."

Beaches shored-up with rocks often worsen erosion situations as the backwash action carries much-needed sand out to sea as opposed to depositing it on the beach.

You can follow more of this story via the Twitter hashtag #Lapampilla

La Pampilla, Peru, Lima, South America, Beach Erosion, Protest, Riot
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